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I am Kyla &

I am living fearlessly.


Kyla M. Neil, is a woman who is intentional in living out her passion to help empower others to value their life experiences, good and bad, and ultimately recognize those experiences are inextricably tied to their development and ability to move in the direction of living out their best life.  She is an author and entrepreneur and has over 15 years of experience in advising and leadership.
Through her experience as an academic advisor and ministry leader, Kyla has been able to apply a unique combination of administrative and counseling skills to help people with life challenges pursue and manage a positive quality of life.

This has been accomplished by forging and maintaining solid business and personal relationships which are based on fostering trusting 1-1 relationships, listening and devising solution-based techniques customized for individual needs.


Kyla is the CEO and Founder of Kalm Konfidence, LLC, which is a mentoring and coaching business. Kyla’s desire to overcome the challenges of living with anxiety and depression, led her to want to help others, young and old, purposely serve beyond their limits with fervor and teach them how to life fearlessly and faithfully carry out their divine purpose in life. Kyla believes that, even though life is filled with up and downs and chaotic moments, we can still be kalm and konfident while navigating this journey called life.


Kyla earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Health Counseling in 2012 from Drexel University.  Kyla went on to earn a Master’s degree in Theological Studies in 2016 from Palmer’s Theological Seminary. Kyla currently resides in Philadelphia, PA and is the proud mother of three adult daughters, Kiyana, Ciani and Camryn and is Yaya to one grandson, Eli.

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