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For Youth  & Adults.

Kalm Konfidence serves middle and high school students and adults. We recognize that whether you’re a teen or an adult, life is going to present stressors that can be a challenge to handle.


Through our counseling/coaching and mentoring approaches, we provide teens and adults with the skills and tools needed to develop the konfidence needed to successfully navigate through the ever-changing seasons of life.


We believe that life can be purposefully and intentionally lived out calm and confident regardless of what is taking place around us. However, the key is having the necessary tools in place to enhance life, as well as ensure there is a plan for when life’s challenges try and get the best of us.

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One on One 

Kalm Konfidence recognizes that there are times in our lives when we struggle in the areas of decision-making, emotional intelligence, self-confidence, and self-worth.


The Kalm Konfidence One-on-One counseling/coaching sessions are geared to help individuals become aware of behaviors and mindsets that are detrimental to their mental and emotional well-being, and work at developing healthier behaviors that lead to a productive life. Our ultimate goal is to help individuals understand that is it possible to lives that are rich and full of confidence, even when life presents challenges beyond our control.


ForYouth and Adults.

Kalm Konfidence Mentoring Program 
for Teens

The Kalm Konfidence Mentoring Program is aimed at helping teens develop in the areas of skills building, goal setting/career planning, problem-solving, self-confidence, and self-worth.


We believe that if students are strong in those areas as they transition from middle to high school, they will already be ahead of the game when they enter adulthood, and wherever it may take them. Ultimately, we want our teens to embrace a life of confidence meant to carry them through all of walks of life.  

Support Group



Biblical counseling is geared at helping individuals learn how to handle life’s challenges by applying biblical principles and instruction. We believe that being spiritually healthy aids in one being emotionally and mentally healthy.


Ultimately, the goal is to help individuals realize that the key to living their best life with confidence means incorporating the plans that have already been designed for them by the Lord. 

Biblical Counseling
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