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I am Nateshe &

I am living passionately.


Nateshe Nikole Williams is a passionate woman of God who is freely walking in her gift of motivating and encouraging others. She is determined to plant a harvest of healthy seeds and is eagerly watching God water and transform.


Nateshe is an actress and has been enjoying it since elementary school. In 2006, her love for acting took off. Nateshe has since performed in theatre productions all over Philadelphia and in Atlanta, GA.


Nateshe has worked on several movie projects, such as Annapolis (A Touchstone Production), NBC's Do No Harm, starring Phylicia Rashaad, and Brotherhood of Silver on cable network station WMCN44. Nateshe has also starred in several music videos with R&B artists Eric Roberson and Mars Co-Op from the Roots. 

Nateshe is an advocate for stopping childhood molestation through a non-profit organization,  The Hush Hush No More Project.  Nateshe feels very strongly about being the help she did not have when she was working through the trauma of being molested as a child. She believes it is never too late to seek help and to walk in your truth!

Nateshe recently became certified as a life coach and is determined to be an example through her journey with God.

Nateshe is a Philadelphia native and the mother of one son, Vincent.

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