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I am Shaun &

I am living konfidently.


Shaun E. Neil has been a Local 98(380) Union Electrician since September 1999. Shaun takes great pride in his profession. Although Shaun found fulfillment as a construction electrician, he felt compelled to reach out to others to make a greater impact in lives, especially in young men's lives. In September 2016, Shaun became certified as a CTA trained Relationship Life Coach.

In October 2016, Shaun began I Promise Coaching, LLC. It was birthed out of a place where he began to recognize that his life experiences were leading him down an emotionally unhealthy and destructive path.

Shaun’s intense internal desire to positively move forward emotionally developed a passion for helping others do the same.  Shaun is committed to sharing his time, knowledge, and wisdom to help others who also desire to have positive emotional connections to those in their life. Shaun believes that continuously moving forward successfully in one’s own life is ultimately a goal we all desire to achieve. 

In January 2018, Shaun wrote and published his personal memoir entitled “From Growing Failure To Growing Success.” The memoir details the most significant times in his life, which lead to his continuous personal development. Shaun says his purpose and passion in life are to help others grow emotionally in their personal relationships while continuing to grow healthy in his. He wholeheartedly agrees with Mark Twain’s quote, “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why!”


Shaun is the proud father of two adult sons, Reginald and Tymir, and two daughters, Shaala and Saije. Shaun also has a granddaughter, Alivia, by whom he is affectionately called Pop -Pop.

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